Daffin Family

Daffin Famiy

“It’s our privilege to be in a position to give…
That’s a blessing to start with. It's not so much
the amount, it’s the heart.

The family that gives together, grows together. That’s been the motto for Maynard Daffin Sr., his wife Mary, and their son Maynard, II, for most of their lives.

As graduates of Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law, the Daffins have made giving back to their alma mater a family affair.

“Texas Southern played a role in getting us to where we are,” said Mary Daffin. “We wanted to give back to the school that has been very instrumental in allowing us to move out into the community and do things that we probably never even dreamed that we could do. Giving back to the university, and allowing other students to come through here and have a measure of success is natural for us.”

Added Maynard, II, “We saw that the university has always provided a quality education for the citizens of the community and we want to help in that mission because it did the same for our family and we would like to continue that and really partner with the university in getting that goal accomplished.”

Though Maynard Sr., and Mary attended Alabama State University, they both came to TSU to lay their law foundation. Since both were raised by families who were committed to education, it was a natural progression for them to use their blessings to bless others.

“Education is so important for us. Our parents have been involved with education on just about every level of their lives. We know how it can help you become a really productive member of the community so that you can be a blessing to others,” Mary said.

“It’s our privilege to be in a position to give,” Maynard, Sr. said. “That’s a blessing to start with. It's not so much the amount, it’s the heart. Even biblically it says it’s more blessed to give than receive. And we appreciate what this university along with many others are doing.”

“If you’ve been pleased with any means, it’s not so much about the dollar amount. You have to understand that you’ve been blessed for a reason and you really are a steward of whatever it is for us that the Lord has allowed you to acquire. We know if we are going to pull all of us up, it’s not just about my biological family. It’s about all of this community of people that are here that you should be interested in their well-being and how you can help them become contributors in this society. If you fail to look at it like that, you really do miss the why of the means you have been given.”

Maynard Sr. says they hope to inspire other donors, but more than anything, they want people to know that giving can begin on any level.

“Begin comfortably in giving, with a plan to increase your giving as your comfort level rises,” Maynard, Sr. said. “It’s best to start where you’re comfortable and set aside something and even make plans to give. Pick some institution you’d like to give to. For most of us, we know education is our way for a better life. Not just for ourselves, but for our families and community. Just remember that there is no such thing as a small amount. It’s a blessed amount.”

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