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Join us in support of our students GIVE NOW > JOHN BARBOSA "We’ve seen the dollars go directly to impact the lives of students working to achieve that diploma, and that diploma is what opens the doors to them getting a good paying job" GIVE NOW > ZA’NIYA MILES “I kept getting no’s, but I felt like a yes was just around the corner. And it was. I ran into the Office of Development and they blessed me with a $1,500 scholarship last year to get me back into school. ” GIVE NOW > DR. SELINA AHMED "We always try to energize people from all communities of faith. Because of what he did, we complemented each other." GIVE NOW > GOODLUCK IJEZIE-DEBOIS "The TSU experience has allowed me of African background, to attend an HBCU and really buy into that vision. That made a great difference to me." GIVE NOW >